My inspiration for this was that my wife and I just saw a rather disappointing play on the same stage where, a few years ago, we saw an incredible and emotionally hard-hitting production of “Cabaret.”  We followed this up the next day by taking our six-year-old to the Monster Truck Jam, which was fun, but involved far more parking and equipment difficulty than the action-packed advertisements would lead you to believe.  Of the two, the Monster Truck Jam had better coffee.

My original direction with this strip had the parents discussing the “Sesame Street Live” they’d just endured, with the mother saying she kept worrying that the number five was going to sneak up behind Elmo and slit his throat…and ultimately it would be revealed that the actor playing the number five was the same one they’d just seen a month earlier in a production of “Sweeney Todd.”  But I couldn’t make it work in three panels, and this one was pronounced “cute” by my wife, so here ya go.



And with this, we’re back to two updates a week for as long as I can handle it!