Okay, guys, come on.  Those of you who aren’t completely disgusted by this strip probably have your own color ideas, don’t you?  Let’s have ‘em!  There’s a “comments” field here for a reason, people!  Don’t hold back just because you don’t have the exact Pantone number for the color you have in mind, although of course, bonus graphic geek points if you do.

This strip spawned from a conversation with my wife over a sink of revoltingly dirty dishes.  I mentioned that the color of the accumulated filth looked like “Desert Sunrise,” and she retorted that it looked more like “Abortion In The Sink.”  This led to a back-and-forth during which she also came up with “The Void That Is My Life,” so I’m totally crediting her as co-writer for this one.  As a handful of you appear to have started a cult centered around Mrs. Shoebox’s based on her assessments of these strips, this should make you deliriously happy.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: Since I co-wrote this, any assessment I give is going to be biased.  So really, can I?

Anyway, as I’ve utterly failed to come up with anything the slightest bit seasonally-appropriate in a visual form, I’m going to re-pimp the Christmas song I recently did with Rob Balder one more time.  It’s a nine-minute epic mini-musical called “The Island Of Recalled Toys” and you can check it out for free on The FuMP (or pay 99 cents for a high-quality download if you’re so inclined.)

See you on Friday!