Writing in Rob Balder’s shadow, I like to think one way in which I’ve distinguished my work from his is in the amount of frog-related humor, or attempts thereof, that I’ve brought to the strip.  The tale of adolescent vandalism related here is a true story, and the other culpable party (with whom I had several similar or worse adventures in rule-breaking,) is a reader of this strip.

Sorry for the lack of a strip last Friday, and sorry this strip’s late.  I actually have a better reason than usual, as Rob visited me this past weekend and we spent several hours working on a new Baldbox track, which I’ve been up late mixing for the last couple of nights.  The end result is a nine-minute mini-musical entitled “The Island of Recalled Toys,” which you can download for free (or buy in a higher-quality format for 99 cents) on The FuMP.

In other blatant plugging news:  My lovely wife, who as I’ve mentioned before is a talented metalsmith, has decided to offer a coupon code to readers of PartiallyClips, worth 20% off any purchase from her Etsy store, Manic Metals.  The code is “conflictofinterest” (without the quotes, but you guessed that) and it’s good through this Friday, December 17th, 2010.  And speaking of the missus:

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP (after laughing a bit throughout and then giving me a very weird face at the end): Inaccurate Wikipedia entries really piss me off.  But it’s amusing.  Also, why is the monitor standing on a roll of paper towels? And why is the keyboard standing on its side?  Are they really typing like that?

See you lovely people on Friday!