This one came from an IM conversation with none other than Rob Balder.  The punchline is his, so I’m calling him co-writer on this one.

I have one personal story about vinyl.  My band, Worm Quartet, was supposed to have a vinyl release several years ago – specifically a 7″ split with pop-punkers Plan 15.  I was really excited about this, and even wrote a song that was to be a tribute to its own medium, entitled “I’m On Vinyl Now (So I’m More Punk Than You.)”  Alas, there were delays, and then more delays, and then finally the label had to admit they couldn’t afford to release the record.  So my song ended up as a bonus track on the re-release of my second CD, and to date has never been released in its intended format.  I’m not sure if this makes the song title ironic, stupid, or just inaccurate.

I won’t weigh in on the digital versus vinyl debate, as I like both, but I will say that I remain a slave to physical media – I need something I can hold in my hands, even though most of the time I just tear off the packaging, rip the disc to my hard drive, copy it to my Droid, and shelve the CD and case for…uh…reference, I guess.  I still love the feeling of going out and buying an album the day it comes out, or finding one I’ve been looking for in a used bin, or trading CDs with a band after a show.  But possibly not as much as I like being able to queue up nearly anything that pops into my brain on a device I’ve got in my pocket and can hook up to anything with a Bluetooth connection or an aux in jack.

Oh, and the new My Chemical Romance is pretty good (way poppier than “The Black Parade” but with a bunch of interesting tricks) and yes, if you search online, you will find at least a few people complaining that it hasn’t yet been released on vinyl.