I originally spent quite a bit of time trying to place this strip in 2010 and explain why the smug weenie in the spotlight is using what appears to be a TRS-80 Model III.  But ultimately I decided to put the computer in its proper time and use the piece to mock one of the most-hated software management strategies of the 80′s.

Under normal circumstances, I think I’d work a bit more on this one…I feel like there’s a couple of decent jokes here, and I think the guy’s dialog fits the art rather well, but the bridge between the jokes is shaky at best.  Unfortunately, I seem to have some a rather nasty case of bronchitis and really need to get some sleep.  So hopefully this’ll amuse as is.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: Eh, put it up.  Some people will probably find it funny.

In other news, PartiallyClips’s creator, the ever-bearded Rob Balder, has just started taking orders for the long-awaited print version of Erfworld, Book 1, and he’s offering a special holiday pre-order deal!  Check it out!

See you on Friday!