Some of the clip art I use is initially color, and I convert it to black and white for the strip.  This is one of those pieces, and an unfortunate side effect of the conversion this time was a bit of possible androgyny.  In color, this character looks far more female.  My wife assured me that the character does indeed look female, and that no, I shouldn’t try to draw boobs on the character, and that no, she wasn’t going to draw boobs on the character either, and goddammit would I please leave her alone so she can watch Mad Men.

Anyway, several things inspired this strip.  My own inexplicable desire to make every game system I own emulate every game system that came before it by any means necessary (the Wii really is great for this) is a big one, and the many nerdy women I’ve met are certainly a part of it.   But the most obvious is the fact that my sister Joy announced her engagement today to her long-time boyfriend Jon.  Congratulations and all the best to you both.  You’re awesome together and I’m very happy for you.

See you on Friday!