I’ve had this piece printed out in my notebook-’o'-possible-strips for a while now, with notes all over the damned thing taking it in different directions.  Finally started trying to come up with a bunch of different over-the-top-badass things for the less-goofy-looking cowboy to say, and in the process of failing at that, came up with this.  I have now used entirely too many hyphens in this paragraph.  Sorry.

This past weekend was insane…and the last weekend of what’s been altogether an insane month.  Started on Saturday with a birthday party for my son, then my wife and I took a trip to Binghamton where I opened (as Worm Quartet) for two sold-out and very fun shadowcast performances of “Rocky Horror,” and we managed to get back in time to take our son trick-or-treating in some reasonably nasty weather that eventually turned into snow.

I have almost nothing scheduled in November, and I’m greatly looking forward to it. Hopefully that means a whole month of successfully keeping up with the whole “two strips a week” thing, and catching up on various other endeavors I’ve been neglecting.

See you on Friday!  For real!