I’ve got a lot of “Americana” clip art, and I haven’t hit it for a while because I’m not sure what to do with it, and also because I’m sure a lot of my readers know a lot more about history than I do, and I fear that you will savagely beat me for my mistakes.

In this case, the liberties with language are part of the joke, but the flag in this picture appeared to have 28-or-so stars on it, which according to Wikipedia places it in the 1840s or so.  I took a Photoshop swipe at the piece and obscured the stars – then in a fit of artistic fervor attempted to Betsy Rossify it, resulting in…well, this.  This minor edit is as close as you’ll ever see me try to get to actual art.  I have tried, in the past, to draw comics – and the end result has been stuff like this and this.  And god help me, even this.  My wife has a BFA and greatly enjoys mocking me for my complete lack of skill in this area.

I’m rambling and linking to images I made over a decade ago, so clearly it’s time to sleep.  We’re supposed to have ONE more nice day tomorrow here in Rochester and I’m getting up early to bike to work for what’s likely to be the last time in 2010.

See you guys and gals on Friday!