The biggest problems I encountered writing a strip around this piece of art:

1. Getting horizontal text around a picture that gives me primarily vertical whitespace (I’m still rather worried it looks too cluttered.)
2. Not pointing out that the girl on the right has at least one white leg.
3. And there’s stubble on it.

But ultimately I saw something Freudian in the art, which clicked with vague memories of a Bill Cosby routine from when I saw him live as a kid in the mid-80′s.  The end result was this strip, and yet another creepy frog reference added to my run on PartiallyClips, only this time without any actual creepy frogs in the art.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: It’s cute.  Don’t put that I said that or I’ll kick your ass.  Unless you also add the thing about me kicking your ass.

See you guys on Tuesday!