DISCLAIMER: It is not my intention to trivialize any allergies, polygon-related or otherwise, with this strip.  I have friends with severe nut allergies, and I acknowledge that said allergies are real and very severe.  In fact, I have gay black Jewish friends with severe nut allergies.  So I don’t want to hear it, okay?

This is inspired by school policies on bringing in food (brought to the forefront of my mind because my son’s sixth birthday is this weekend,) and also by a hand-drawn sign I saw years ago at my son’s old day care that said, in large red letters, “NO MILK FOR JOEY.”  It was clearly a reminder to the child care staff to not accidentally give poor Joey something that would make him sick, but it was written so obnoxiously that I couldn’t help but picture it being carried by an army of pitchfork-wielding villagers, mercilessly rallying to deprive Joey of dairy products.  As such, it stuck with me, and I paid tribute to it in this strip.

It occurs to me that this is my second mention of lactose intolerance in these strips, and my second story involving a child named “Joey” in the commentary.  I don’t know what to do with this information other than, apparently, type it here.

Anyway, Con on the Cob (a.k.a. the reason I didn’t get a strip up on Friday) was exhausting but fun.  People seemed to really dig the music track I put together – the performances were awesome, as was the audience.   It’s 9:30pm now as I put the final touches on this commentary (2-3 hours earlier than the norm for me) so hopefully I can catch up on some sleep tonight.


See you guys and gals on Friday!