I’m a bit worried I’m bringing my work home with me too often lately.  My previous attempts at software engineer humor have been pretty well-received, so hopefully this one will work.  I don’t know if the user has to actually know what an SRS is (or, for that matter what a portal is)  in order to get this joke, but they definitely have to be familiar with a certain song by The Police.  I doubt that my Software Documentation / The Police association strip will be as successful as my Network Programming / Doctor Who association strip, but Sting does wear a rather jaunty bow tie in that video.

I just realized I wrote “user” above instead of “reader.”  I’m leaving it there because I think it drives home the whole “bringing my work home with me” thing better than anything I could possibly type deliberately.

I had to do this one twice, because the first time I put it together I realized I’d neglected to do a search for duplicated clip art before I did, and sure enough, the art I was using was a piece Rob had already used back in 2002.  If you sense any frustration in my stupid little lightning-bolt speech bubble thingies, it’s because I already friggin’ drew them once.

In other news – the next con at which I will be appearing (for real, this time) is Con on the Cob, happening October 14-17 in Hudson, OH.  I’m running the comedy music track for this thing, and other musicians appearing at the con include Rob Balder, Luke Ski, Devo Spice, Power Salad, Positive Attitude, Carrie Dahlby, Witherwings, Soggy Potato Chips, 19 Action News, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, and Max DeGroot, as well as comedy music guest of honor and fellow nipple-mentioner Norm Sherman, host of the Drabblecast and sometimes-host of Escape Pod.  I am severely psyched about this.  Hope to see some of you there.  Good pre-registration rates are still available at www.cononthecob.com!

Have a great weekend!