This strip is inspired by Luke Ski, a friend of mine who did the art for “VR Helmet” a little while back.  Luke is a comedy musician and a caricature artist (those are links to his two endeavors, not Wikipedia definitions – I assume you know what these terms mean.)  I know him primarily from his career in the former, as we’re both Dr. Demento regulars and we play a lot of shows together.  This strip, however, is inspired by his stories from the latter (some of which are on a spoken word track on his new CD, “Too Much Stuff.”)

Apparently, when a caricature artist is drawing a woman, the most common request they get from her friends is to “give her big boobs!”  It’s delightful and novel to the person requesting it every time, but of course after a while the artist has heard it one time too many, and is totally ready to exaggerate another feature, any feature, for the love of god.

So yeah…this one’s for Luke.

And I’m gonna call it a wedding present, as he’s getting married this weekend to Sara Trice, who is also this site’s Webmistress.

Jeez…gettin’ kinda cozy over here in PartiallyClips land, innit?   Everybody’s all interrelated in some way.  I feel like I’m living in a Spider-Man origin revamp.


In further interrelation news, I’m sure some of you guys remember ClipToons, a strip by John Hartzell and Rob Balder from several years ago.  I just heard from John, and he’s got another strip now on Facebook called “Middle-Age Riot” which continues down the same path!  Check it out!

Shutting up now,