This one’s based on a true story, I’m sorry to say.

I’m by no means perfect with my grammarocity, but my Mom’s an English teacher, and thus my DNA includes a severe allergy to misplaced apostrophes.  Whenever I see them I just want to circle them with a red pen and write “RESUBMIT” on whatever sign / blog / men’s room wall they adorn.  And then set them on fire.  I drove by this place every day on my way to work for a couple of summers, and was amazed that it stubbornly continued to exist in spite of my seething rage.  People must have been stopping there.  People must have been giving them money.  In short, people must have been buying “bokay’s.”

Last time I drove by this place, I did NOT see the sign.  So maybe the nightmare is finally over.  Or maybe the Bokay family moved…


Sorry.  I’m tired and stores have Halloween stuff out.

Have a good weekend, guys and gals.