Totally cheated on this one, but did so well within the strict guidelines for cheating that Rob set during his run.

See, I originally wrote this based on a piece of art in my collection featuring someone in a Virtual Reality headset.  I showed it to Rob, who said it looked familiar, and eventually pointed me to one of his old strips that used the same art.  Unwilling to shelve the piece, I turned to my friend Luke Ski a.k.a. the great Luke Ski, a fellow comedy musician who also draws caricatures, and asked him to draw something I could use to tell the same damned joke.  He provided me with this, my first ever piece of guest art.  I plopped in the text from my first attempt, re-drew the speech bubbles, and here ya go.

In indirectly-related news, I’ve recently been dabbling in various activities geared toward the mitigation of my noted fatassery, and as this has been reasonably successful, I decided to try biking to my day job.  I worked out a route via Rochester’s rather extensive (and surprisingly beautiful) bike trails, worked up the gumption, got up early Tuesday morning, and set off.  9-10 miles into the trip, I hit an enormous bump in the asphalt and went flying. I managed to sprain my hand and scratch the crap out of myself, but still completed the last couple of miles of my trip out of sheer spite.  Incidentally, the bump itself – right before Buffalo Rd. on the Canalway trail, in case anyone reading this is from Rochester and is contemplating trying this route – is 4″-5″ high, and has been spray painted orange, with x’s drawn on either side of it.  Seeing this after peeling myself off the pavement did nothing good for my self-esteem.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP(laughing) Default chunks?  Default chunks.  Sure, why not.  Okay there, Señor Default Chunks.  Great.  Now you’re gonna tell everybody in your commentary that I called you Señor Default Chunks.

LUKE SKI’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: “Default Chunks” is the name of my Goonies shadowcast troupe.

I can’t believe I typed this much with a sprained hand after deliberately recycling a joke to avoid overusing my sprained hand,