A while back, in a fit of severe nostalgia, I looked up some people on Facebook who I hadn’t seen since elementary school in what I hope was a non-creepy way.  Through them I found a few more of my friends from the same era, and we recently had a rather fun online conversation about various far-from-current events, such as in the third grade when Mrs. McKinstry gathered the entire class to watch her spank me for flipping her off (I had been dared to do so, and I had no idea what it meant) and when my friend Cory made up the following song about me, to the tune of “Chim Chim Che-ree” from Mary Poppins:

Tim Timminy, Tim Timminy, Tim Tim Te-ree
Tim is as fat, a
s fat as can be

Anyway.  Not sure this actually has anything to do with why my mind went where it did with this art, but it probably helped by putting me back in the frame of mind to think about Transformers and Ewoks in the first place.  Or maybe not…I do go to a lot of conventions.

Conventions!  Right!  I should plug Pi-Con in Enfield, CT, at which I’ll be performing as Worm Quartet and appearing on a webcomics panel or two (along with Rob Balder!)  This is happening August 20-22nd, and holy crap, that’s SOON!

Also, I just narrated a rather quirky story for Escape Pod, which you can check out here!

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: Mrs. Shoebox is currently at her mom’s helping her move, but Rob thinks it’s funny, and it got a “Heh. :)” from the great Luke Ski.

See ya next week!