Let’s put this in perspective:  I’m tired.  I’ve had a long day.  My wife is sick, and went to bed early.  My son refused to go to sleep until I finally went and laid down with him for a while around 10:00.  Then something melted in the dishwasher, filling the house with a disgusting smell, and I had to deal with that, wiping melting bits of Tupperware off of the heating element with an oven mitt.  It was 11 by the time I started working on this strip.  I have to get up early tomorrow to drop my car off because the air conditioner is leaking nasty liquids onto the carpeting.  And this strip represents what my brain currently finds amusing.  Hopefully it works.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: Deferred.  I wasn’t gonna wake my sick wife up and show her this.