This…is based on a true story.

A friend of mine shared with me via IM that her long-time boyfriend had finally popped the question over the holidays, and had in fact done so using the method I’ve detailed here.

This put me in a quandary, as I, combining this mentally with the fact that another friend of mine had recently ended a long and horrible relationship, immediately came up with the punchline for a strip I could not possibly write without either sacrificing a friendship or obtaining the proper permission.

Thankfully, I tend to have friends with good senses of humor, and her fiancé found the idea amusing as well, so permission was generously granted on the condition of anonymity (to which I can only say, y’know, DUHHH.)   I asked if I could plug anything on the site in return, so here’s a link to K-Orbital, a recently-launched site for finding local ride-sharing.

Best wishes to my anonymous friend and her husband-to-be, and thank you for generously allowing me to mock your lives for profit.