Two wrongs don’t make a right.  But sometimes two clichés make a decent joke.  I was trying to avoid the whole “here’s a model in a dress that costs enough to hire a kindergarten teacher for a year” thing, not just because it is trite but because it isn’t funny.  Likewise, the “supermodels do a lot of drugs” thing is done near to death.  But put them together, and it can work I think.

UPDATE – I’ve never done this before, but the feedback was instantaneous and overwhelming.  After the fear of dumbing it down on last strip, I swung too far to the side of obscurity and lost people.  I have changed the strip.  You can see it the old way here.  Thanks for the feedback, all.  As has been mentioned many times, I am usually too close to these things when writing them to tell.  (Hit ctrl-refresh or ctrl-f5 if you don’t see the newer art.)