For the last two months, most of the time I have sat down to write a strip I have been thinking about snails.  It was an easy clipless concept to put in my head and play around with.  The animal strips are pretty rich for mining jokes, and snails are one of those inherently funny animals like monkeys and lemurs and blue-footed boobies.

But no strip would come.  I got the one about the progress-bar in the dream out of this, and also the one about killing slugs with beer, but until today I never got one I could use with actual art of snails.  I am almost sad to have cracked it.

One of the problems with writing a snail joke is that my instincts kept screaming, “don’t write a joke about how slow they are, that’s in the cliché hall of fame!”  In the end, I had to give in and do like every other cartoonist on the planet and make a joke about the slowness of snails.  Coming up next, a strip with a guy stranded on a tiny island with one palm tree on it.  :-/