This gag emerged from a block-breaking process I sometimes do, which amounts to using the Web to semantically associate.  

In this case I had the ostriches clip out, so I started with the Wikipedia article on ostriches, which had been recently vandalized to make outlandish claims about a particular breed’s penis size.  I went to revert the vandalism, but someone else caught it first.  *

Not finding much helpful in there, I went on to read some statistics about the economics of ostrich breeding (a breeding pair is worth $50K).  

Not finding that particularly inspirational, I poked around in Britannica’s student encyclopedia, which got me thinking about where the word “ostrich” falls alphabetically.  Nothing funny there, but it got me to look up a list of animals beginning with the letter “O,” and smelled comedy in it.

There are many funny animal names beginning with O.  Otters, ocelots, octopuses.  I almost had a workable “opossum” joke.  But then I hit on the Noah’s Ark in alphabetical order thing and squirmed my way into this exchange.

*(Yes, Wikipedia is still near the top of my shit list.  I hate their policies more than cancer.  But my resentment is for the vast amount of deleted information and lost potential.  Wikipedia’s a sad and misshapen little golem compared to what it could have been.  But I will still help individual articles, when there’s an obvious fix.  No reason I can’t light a candle AND curse the darkness.)