The natural way to go with this clip was to have them thinking about falling.  I set off down a path that had to do with pondering whether life is a gamble or there’s some kind of plan to it.  Turned out to be a dead end, jokewise.

But I backtracked to the possibility that they were whistling at women, and managed to get this joke out of it.

The most difficult part of this script was settling on the word “boff.”  Originally it was “schtupp.”  I didn’t want to confuse the reader by making you think it had some kind of ethnic joke aspect to it, but I couldn’t find exactly the verb I was looking for, either.  It needed to be slang, contemporary to about the 30s or 40s.  And it needed to be kind of bidirectional…the women were not going to hang around to “bone” or “pork” Marco, per se.

Actually, he should probably be careful he doesn’t stumble on to the wrong code.