For the first time in the history of this comic strip, I felt compelled to do an issue strip.  The issue may not be global warming or world hunger, but it’s a goddamned crime nonetheless.  I want it to change.  I’ll do my part to make it happen.

Wikipedia’s deletion policies are being abused by a comparative handful of agenda-driven editors, to attack entire categories of entries, mostly those involving new media.  This is a page showing a small portion of the webcomics carnage:

Look over it.  You will find some jaw-droppers.  If you read webcomics, if you know them, then you are likely to see ones you read and love on this list.

For an excellent summation of what is going on at Wikipedia, the cancer it has given itself, listen to this lecture:

I am pessimistic that progress will be made in the short term, but in the long term, sanity will win out.  Ultimately, what you have here is an unstable situation in which fewer than 100 people are holding back an entire medium enjoyed by millions.

Either Jimbo Wales and Wikimedia will realize the crippling nature of WP:N and alter the policy to something sane (and drive away all deletionist editors), or a class action lawsuit will eventually have to force that to happen.  I would happily join one, but I don’t yet have the means to launch it myself.  Until then, I’ll do whatever I can.