This excellent guest art was drawn by my friend Aaron Wood, of Captain Drew and his Crew of Two.  Aaron does the con circuit around the Northeast, and so I am frequently panelling and partying with him at various events.  I already linked him a while ago, but please take this art contribution as an opportunity to go check out the fine webcomicky goodness he has prepared for your entertainment pleasure!

Like about 2/3 of the guest art I have used, this one was written in support of a clipless strip.  It’s an iffy venture, sitting down with just a notepad and trying to write a PartiallyClips.  In my mind, I was trying to write a joke about two bullfrogs talking, when suddenly this “mineral rights” pun jumped into my head, and this snatch of dialogue demanded to be written down. I hope writing never stops being weird, but I could wish for a little more consistency in the process.