I may have come up with a novel way to break writer’s block: I take these strips on a Metro (subway) ride to nowhere.  

I just sit there on the train, shut off from distractions of computer and apartment, without food or entertainment, and commune with the clip.  I change trains occasionally, to keep looping around the Beltway.  There’s generally nothing to look at out the window, and no wireless signal so even my Blackberry doesn’t distract me.  If there are obnoxious kids or chatty riders, I can switch cars at any stop.  Returning to my home stop costs me $1.35, even if I stay on for hours.

In two tries, I am amazed at how well this has worked.  I think I may make it a regular routine, assuming I can hold off motion sickness.  I recommend it to any writers in metropolitan areas with decent subways.