This was remarkably difficult art to work with.  I haven’t had much success with the “strip=funny lyrics” concept, except for the Leprechauns Strip, which someone came along two years later and paid me to license into an actual song.

So I wracked my brain for a song with vocals and a cellist, and Eleanor Rigby came up.  As a kid, I did think it was “picks up her eyes,” though I did not think the song was about an alien.  Some of my more notable personal misheard lyrics include, “She’ll have fun, fun, fun, til her daddy kicks her teeth in,” and “pretty little thing, lemon-lime Chicano…”

[EDIT: Graaaah!  How could I fail to mention that the term for these is "Mondegreen?" (popularized among filkers by the wonderful group Lady Mondegreen (at least two members of which are known to read this comic).  I plead late-at-night syndrome.  Sorry.]