Oh, the agony of deciding between saying “Gojira” and “Godzilla” in the last line.  I originally wrote it as Godzilla and then changed it umpteen times.

I honestly think this is a case of “It is funnier to newspaper readers one way (Godzilla) and online readers the other way.”  My online readers track more with the cultural/subcultural references.  In the end it was a matter of “What is funnier to me?” with a bit of “What would this character really say?” thrown in.  The Japanese name for Godzilla is one of those inherently funny words, so there you go.

Availability bias” is one of the cognitive biases I’m interested in studying, and one of the ones that led me to read up on heuristics.  Lately I am fascinated with exactly how people fool themselves about stuff, because it seems to underlie every sociopolitical force in play everywhere.