I think, after 400-something of these strips, that if anything has emerged as a PartiallyClips “style” it’s this casual banter on heavy subjects among people and things you wouldn’t necessarily expect it of.  It’s almost as if I’m picturing some kind of fantasy world in which everyone’s the same, but a little more intellectually curious.  Wouldn’t be a bad world to live in, and in fact, it might be a hell of a lot safer.

It’s definitely a fantasy, though.  I’ve made three or four thousand pizzas in my lifetime and I’ll tell you – I never had even one conversation like this.

I did the father-son relationship by way of explaining why they’d both share the same quirk, and also to explain the youth of the one depicted.

This is another one which came out of an IM conversation I had.  I didn’t get to use the line I really enjoyed: “Someone made a half-pizza, half-fruit-cocktail monster to please me?”  That, for those of you who have not yet encountered Jonathan Coulton’s incredible talent and humor, is a reference to Skullcrusher Mountain.