I know.  Sorry for the horrid pun in the middle of this one.  It started out as the punchline and then I realized it would be much funnier if I could somehow draw the parallel between the size-differential in the lioness’ case and the ant’s.

I was reminded of a good ol’ fashioned dirty joke I’ve told from time to time.  I’ll cut/paste a common net version here.

A female elephant has her foot caught in a rope snare. A male mouse comes along, and the elephant asks him to chew through the rope and set her free. He says he will, but only if she’ll have sex with him afterward. She’s a little surprised at the request, but she agrees.

So the mouse chews through the rope and frees the elephant, and then he climbs up her back leg and begins to have “relations” with her.

A monkey happens by and, unable to believe the spectacle, he throws a coconut at the elephant to see if she’s real, hitting her in the head.

“Ouch!” says the elephant.

… and the mouse yells, “That’s right — take it all, bitch!”