This was a cheat on the art, though not a strictly necessary one.  Originally it was written to just the upper dwarf, with the other dialogue pointing off-panel.  I opted to bring in the second dwarf just because I had it handy, and I prefer having both characters visible for clarity reasons.

“Jerkweasel” is a construct that came from not being able to decide between “jerk” and “weasel” there.  The two words sat beside each other on the draft, and they decided to be funniest together instead of competing.  A lesson for us all.

A few comic strips have used the conceit of the art depicting the in-game players, while the dialogue reflects the role players.  Of these, Absurd Notions by Kevin Pease is far and away the best I have read.  If you haven’t read his archives from the beginning, it’s a treat.