SUPERCOLLIDER: a Webcomic Mash-Up

Okay, so preparations for San Diego Comic Con International have been kind of kicking my ass lately.  Hence, update lag.  This comic book has been most of the reason why.  

It’s worth it.

There’s a very long story behind how this book came together.  I do not have time to type it right now.  Hopefully, I will be able to put some of it into a full con report.

But I will tell you this:  Eight creators from six webcomics took this project very seriously.  We gave it our full attention and effort, and produced a very funny comic.  It would be worth your money even if it weren’t a limited edition collectable (a single print run, and the first time these leading webcomics creators have collaborated).

If you can buy it at our booth at SDCC (booth 1317, in the program as Sluggy Freelance), then it’s $5 and we will have only 1000 copies to sell.  But you can guarantee a copy by pre-ordering for $8 plus $1 s/h.

I’m serious about updating again when we reach 1000 copies sold.  When we hit that sales mark, I will start updating one PartiallyClips per day until I completely catch up.  That’s my pledge.

Please go support our very expensive collective venture, so that we can keep doing what we do and see you at future cons.  Thank you!