Dunno why jokes about altered states are so funny to me.  I’ve personally never done mushrooms or acid or any other hallucinogen, because I kind of like my brain the way it is.  I could see partaking of a risky recreational activity in which I might lose an eye or a leg, but not one that might brain my damage.

Note the lack of a moral stance against drug use there, though.  This would be me describing a choice I made for myself without claiming it makes me inherently a better person than someone who chooses differently.  Amazing how that can work.

Still, I didn’t mind going back to the well of psychoactive drugs for this joke.  I like how compact it is, and how nicely the art works with the dialogue.  It’s the same facial expression in all three panels, of course, but because of the context of the speech it seems to be conveying slightly different things in each.