One of the last unbroken rules I had set for myself with this strip was “never reuse the same art.”  But I wrote a script that was perfect for the art in the 2003 strip called “Playing Minesweeper.”  I really couldn’t find a decent substitute.

So I looked at that art and realized that the bored-looking guy should really be the one standing behind.  So I thought, “What Would a Mad Scientist do?”  Solution: switch the heads.  I also took a stab at altering the vector art in the one guy’s face by taking off his glasses and giving him the kind of plastic smirk I thought was right for his dialogue.  I don’t know if that really counts as re-using the same art or not.  Who cares.

I realize the title of this strip should really be “Minesweeper Redux,” since “Guys at Computer” is a whole different piece of art.  I tried to pick the least confusing option.  Maybe I should have just called it “Discussing Chuck Norris.”

EDIT: I did rename it that.  It was “Guys at Computer Redux” when originally posted.

Speaking of which, if the Mythology of Chuck Norris has passed you by, you can catch up right here.  You can also read Chuck Norris’ official response, which isn’t very clever or amusing and amounts to, “That’s keen, kids.  Now buy my book.”