Well, I did it again.  I resorted to drawing my own art.  Believe it or not, I drew these pigeons.  Plain pencil on copier paper, inked with a thin black marker, colored/shaded in Paint Shop Pro mostly with an air brush.

I knew when I wrote this I would have trouble finding art for it and figured I would grab two pigeons and a cigarette butt and make a montage.  There were no good matching pigeons (by art style) and only very stylized butts.  So I went through the pain of actually drawing, which I already proved I can do but find too hard and annoying with this strip.  Then I found clip art of the doorstep and made a montage anyway.

I catch some minor shit for using clip art, and I do respect real illustrators who are focused on their craft.  If I had the slightest interest in it, I think I could be pretty good at it.  But it’s time consuming, and really not very personally satisfying.  I am a writer, period.