This one took a weird turn in writing.  There’s actually a lot more to Lucas’ philosophy of fishing here than comes out in the dialogue.  I had him obsessed with evolution as a zero sum game, dwelling on the plight of the prey animals we descended from, and seeing a sort of eco-holocaust as payback for those dark times when larger claws and fangs were the dominant survival trait.  Lucas wants to wipe out or subjugate all other organisms so Humanity can be the final winner of the race.  I just sort of took a wacky idea and turned up the silly knob to 10.

Anyway I didn’t get to much of that, as the path that actually reached a punchline produced this.  I worry that the dialogue here is clunky and too comic-strippy.  I try not to do the “oversmart/overdumb” character dichotomy that you see in a lot of strips.  Never strikes me as realistic, though occasionally I guess I do encounter someone who thinks like an overdumb comic strip character.