The interesting thing about this punchline is that when I try to clear my mind and read it with fresh eyes, I get left with this feeling that I should have seen the punchline coming but on reflection, I didn’t.  I don’t know if you guys have the same experience, but it would be a test of my ability to read these strips as a reader would, even while writing them.

The throwaway gag in this one is wondering what “LMFTO” means.  It’s a corruption of LMFAO but implies that the alien who is speaking does not have a proper ass to laugh off.  In my mind, the T stands for “tentacles.”  Could be “tail,” though.

The art is from a public domain NASA photo of a galaxy, but I forget which one.  I played with effects to get it as much like clip art as possible.  But I bet some papers will have trouble printing it.  Hope not.