This one needs some explanation.  I did this strip originally as a guest shot for my friend Bryan Prindiville’s comic Bassetville.  He was having a guest week in which his character “Squeeker,” a squeaky toy squirrel, gets mailed around to a bunch of different places.

I said, “I know just the clip art for that.” And I did.  So I wrote it.

However, in the course of writing that, I came up with an alternate gag on the same premise, which would just be wrong for his decidedly G-rated strip.  So I give you this, a less tame and lower-brow version of my guest spot for Bassetville.

I’ll admit, it’s mainly so I can try and catch up the archives, and I am loading a new standard strip at the same time.  But go enjoy this guest week Bryan is doing.  There’s some outstanding work by other creators there.