I said I don’t do political humor here.  But few of the rules I have set for PartiallyClips remain unbroken at this point.  You can call this one a political strip if you want to, but I actually mean it more as social commentary.  I feel that of all the resources which are in dire shortage right now, probably honesty and logic are the real crisis items.

It is hard to instill a joke with subtlety.  I had a version of this strip which just plain hit the reader over the head, and I had to remind myself that I’ve got a pretty strong claim on “the smartest readers in webcomics.”  I don’t need to hold your hand.  In many cases I can drop you guys off at the curb and let you walk to the punchline.

In the end, I found myself just trying to make the most reasonable-sounding, cogent argument in favor of optimism about the eventual outcome of our current military forays, minus any specifics, and just let the Confederate flag carry the joke.

I had difficulty with this clip for a long time.  These two figures are inherently comical, I think.  But the danger is making one or both of them complete clowns.  I’ve found with these clips that more potential there is to ridicule someone or something, the more restraint the joke requires.