This great manga-style guest art is by the fair and talented Kara Dennison of Conscrew and a zillion other webcomics.  This was orignally drawn to accompany the script for Guys at Computer, but when I saw it, a different idea leapt to mind.

Strangely enough, this is not that idea.  I thought I had written a script for this art using that idea on the dark, snowy drive back from Ubercon.  In the light of morning, though, it looked like that script would not work with this art.

So, I started over with a new script to try and do these two characters justice.  I have to admit, I have avoided trying World of Warcraft for the same reasons I have avoided ever trying cocaine.  I know my addictive personality and I doubt I would be able to stop before it did some serious damage to my life.  

I asked a recently-recovering WoW addict friend to vet this text to make sure it actually works like that.  He had me change “level up” to “level.”  I was cautious about bringing it up, as I don’t typically bring up booze with recovering alcoholic friends, either.