When I wrote this one I looked it over and I realized, “This is a Year One strip.”  I didn’t think my writing style had changed all that much in four years, but this is not the kind of joke I typically write any more.

Specifically, I hardly ever do strips where the punchline is a reveal, but I started out doing a lot.  Screaming Woman, Ski Lift, and Hawaii are notables from the very early days of PartiallyClips.

This also made me think about what it means to do “edgy” jokes.  I think the “edge” in “edgy” is the knowledge that some people are going to find it funny and some are going to actively hate it.  Readers will come down on either side of the edge.

I think that’s the nature of it.  So if you are reading this and some relative of yours got brain damage from inhaling paint thinner and you are horribly offended, I’m sorry.  But I won’t let you tell me what I can and can’t make jokes about.  It’s my comic, my free expression; I decide that, and I’m responsible for it.