It’s been too long since I dipped into the vast reserves of Old West related clip art I seem to have amassed.  More than one reader has actually assumed I live in a Western state because of how often I pick these images.  No, I am an Eastern Yankee, sorry.

This is maybe the first one where I have directly commented on Western movies, rather than Old West and cowboy lore in general.  The opening line of the song is from a contemporary Western folk song called “San Antonio Rose.”

Deep within my heart lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone.
Where in dreams I live with a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.
It was there I found beside the Alamo,
Enchantment strange as the blue up above.
A moonlit pass only she would know,
Still hears my broken song of love.

Moon in all your splendor, know only my heart.
Call back my Rose, Rose of San Antone.
Lips so sweet and tender like petals falling apart.
Speak once again of my love, my own.

Broken song, empty words I know,
Still live in my heart all alone,
For that moonlit pass by the Alamo,
And Rose, my Rose of San Antone.