Since the major punch here is the “crushing your head” line, this almost became a Cliptoons with that punchline.  I opted to go for the longer format, in part because I need more simple, not-too-wordy strips in the archives and in part because I really need to catch up on strips.

Originally I toyed with having these guys going around the country “crushing the head” of various people.  I thought about people I personally revile, such as James Dobson, but decided the joke would only work with figures who are 100% universally hated.  The man does have his adherents; damn him one level below the Hell he thinks he’s saving us all from.

I also considered obnoxious celebrities…Paris Hilton, et. al.  Ultimately, I went with this “slacker as lifestyle and artform and possibly revolutionary stance” perspective, which has always served me so poorly in real life.   Undecided