This one was a clip I revisited from memory when I had some downtime and scrap paper to try and write a strip.  I had given this art a LOT of time back in the Spring, researching bassist jokes (and finding some good ones), but nothing gelled.

This time, I applied a joke I had thought of in reference to all the communities I am a part of but don’t really fit into.  I’m a webcartoonist, but I don’t draw.  I’m a filker, but I don’t play an instrument.  I’m “Associate Editor” of Nth Degree, but my editorial duties primarily consist of lugging boxes to cons.  Whatever I’m involved in, my stuff is sufficiently weird and different as to make me something of an outsider even in communities I love.

And I had finally come up with a one-sentence summary which kind of explains why that’s okay.

“Sha Na Na was at Woodstock.”

BTW: I know the timing of this one isn’t great after the last one.  I am not on a “late 20th Century history jokes” kick.

EDIT: Yeah this one is going to lead to more “generational” discussion on the forums.  For the record: Sha Na Na, people.  Doo wop revival group.  Had a TV show.  Was in “Grease.”  C’mon.