This spot-on guest art is by Rachael Richardson of Comrade Geek, one of the creators from our DC Webtoonists group.  More about this strip later, but I am pressed for time right now.

COMMENTARY CONTINUED – Okay I admit it…I get this awful, horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I write something that could just as easily be the dialogue for a mainstream, daily, syndicated comic strip.  When the humor is gentle, not particularly dark, not demented, twisted or obscene…then the self doubts settle on me and I worry like I found a lump somewhere on my body.

It was probably good that I put this up on the site without commentary and got some nice comments from the regs.  If I had posted the commentary I was thinking at the time, I would have ripped this strip to shreds.  It’s harder for me to write a charming joke than a biting one.  They don’t stand up to multiple reads as well, and I start to think they’re too saccharine.