Today’s guest art is by my friend Phil Kahn of The Hoojie Crew, founder of Biscuit Press, webcomics blogger/ranter/gadabout, and on-hiatus member of the Washington Webtoonists group.  Phil is in Philadelphia at school, and I am going to try and help get him an invite to PhilCon in December, just because it would be funny to have him at a con which is named the same as him.  He could become their mascot.

I had to ask Phil’s permission to alter the art.  I have stopped even following the “no art alterations” rule I originally set for myself, but with clip art there is nobody to offend if I change something.  I had to make sure I didn’t hurt the big lug’s feelin’s…

Recently I donated $25 more to the Red Cross, by way of a pledge at The Adult Web Comics Telethon, which is still going on (NSFW but very funny, go there when you get home).  As a result, I get to make Phil rant in his blog about a subject of my choosing.  

What subject did I choose?  Read Phil’s webcomics blog I’m Just Saying to learn more!

(That’s a cheap trick I learned from writing book reports in fourth grade.  Does it still work?  Yes!)