Strip #2 in my Guest Art period, this is done by the very great Bill Holbrook of syndicated strips On the Fastrack and Safe Havens, and the legendary Kevin and Kell, which celebrates 10 years as a webcomic, which is frankly unbelievable.

I love webcomics creators.  Generally speaking, people who do webcomics are some of the smartest, friendliest, strangest, funniest, most interesting people I have ever known.  But Bill transcends even that, and is as good a candidate as I can name for “Nicest Person in Webcomics.”  With three simultaneous daily strips going (none of which, I learned, is less than 6 weeks ahead in buffer), he’s also probably the hardest working.  And his artistic and writing talents speak for themselves.  I am humbled to feature his work on this page, and even more so that he’s a fan of PartiallyClips.

At his table at Dragon*Con, I showed him the script for this strip, which just had two entities labeled A and B talking.  We threw some ideas back and forth and came up with the empty nightclub idea, with a comedian talking to a stage manager.  This art totally brings the script to life, I realized as I laid it out on Monday at my table, on Chris Impink’s computer.  This art is more than a good vehicle for delivering the lines, it really does make the lines funnier.

As a non-artist there are aspects of professional cartooning I will never really understand, but I thank Bill for the glimpse.  Now go read Kevin & Kell!  You’re 10 years behind!!