Okay, this one is going to begin something I have planned for a long time: Guest Art Month (or possibly, Guest Art Six Weeks or Guest Art Two Months).

I found myself in a crisis last week.  I am supposed to stay 4 weeks ahead for the newspapers.  Instead, I am two weeks behind as of this writing, and readers and editors at the paying newspapers have been getting very restless and cranky.  Rightfully so, I might add.

Unfortunately (but perhaps inevitably), the worst peak of the deficit coincided with the most demanding event in my year: Dragon*Con.  I had intended to at least write two strips last week, but I was blocking badly and only got one done.

So I was sitting on the plane to Atlanta, wondering what the hell I was going to do about it when it occured to me where I was headed.  Dragon*Con.  To be with my friends.

My artist friends.

Over the course of the one-hour flight, I wrote two scripts, based on conversations I had had at the DC Webtoonist meetings.  I decided to ask some of the folks on the webcomics panel to draw me some art for them, and this is the first.

This awesome drawing is by Chris Impink of Fragile Gravity, who is my publisher and merchandise partner, who flew down with me and roomed with us and generally played best bud through the whole convention.  He’s great, as is the comic he draws and my college friend Barb writes.  Please thank them both by heading over there and tearing through their archives.  Right now!

I had long planned to do this, getting art from my talented friends in webcomics and making PartiallyClips strips.  This has kicked my ass enough to make me start it now.  More guest art will be coming, as I attempt to climb out of this terrible hole I have dug.  Goodies will be on the way!