Okay, sorry for the delay in comments on this one.  Caught a cold at Otakon.  More in news.

It’s been a while since I had the chance to use a beat panel in a comic.  They’ve been running toward the wordy side for the last month or two.  Brevity is not necessarily the soul of wit, but it could be like, the knee or something.

I had the opportunity a few years back at one of the more science-oriented SF cons to attend a slideshow about the Face on Mars.  It was run by a NASA guy, an astronomer I think, who basically had collected pictures and history for all of the famous terrestrial rock formations that people claim to resemble faces and figures.  His point: the human brain mainly functions as a pattern-matching machine, and often will impose patterns where there are none.

I have a stucco ceiling, which stares at me creepily from time to time as I lie in bed in the morning.