Restaurant Letter

I really was the worst waiter.  For five weeks one summer in college, I was a waiter at Chi-Chis.  I couldn’t remember a damn thing.  If you told me to bring you two things, I would forget one and drop the other.

When I had the idea to make this a guy writing his list of people he has hurt for his 12-step program, I had two thoughts that led me to this.  One was, “what if a guy managed to reach rock bottom without doing much serious damage to anyone around him?”  Unlikely as that is, it must have happened a couple of times.  The other was, “Why is he writing this in an outdoor cafe?”

And no, I’ve never had need of a 12-step program, responsible social binge drinker that I am.  I just happen to have known a lot of people who have.

If I could alter the art, I would have given him an apron.  Why have those things not made it into current fashion?  They were damned handy.  C’mon, if fanny packs could have their day in the sun…