The problem with clip art collections is that they contain a lot of very old art, stuff which ran in publications many decades ago and is now in the public domain. So I get a lot of clips like this, in which people are having a conversation in an interesting setting, but their clothes and/or surroundings preclude me from doing a contemporary joke.

I’m prepared to run with that, a lot of the time. I know enough basics about history and culture to write a joke like this…enough aviation history to place the make of the plane and enough art history to know that Dali would have been living in New York in about this time period. And given that the few commercial aviation passengers at the time were all upper-crusty, it’s perfectly conceivable that he’d know Henry Ford and she’d know Salvador Dali.

But I am never sure if what comes out of the period-setting jokes is funny today, or if I have only succeeding in creating a brand-new old joke. So I do this kind of thing very sparingly and try to pass over the really dated clips unless they’re otherwise perfect.