The idea behind this joke is an expansion of a gag I did in a Screen Cap Comic a while back. Apparently, the anti-science fucknuts on the Far Right have much less of a problem with things like cloning as long as human beings are not involved. This is why you can now get your cat cloned for $50K, but you’ll NEVER be able to get yourself cloned. Not in the Western Hemisphere, anyway.

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars series, the genetics team is constantly tweaking Arctic animals, naming them after themselves, and setting the little critters loose as part of the terraforming effort on Mars. I somehow think it will never be that simple to tinker, even on another planet. Well-intentioned but irrational and ignorant people will wail and gnash their teeth and stop it, as they do with most of the really neat God-playing science. Not that there are not ethics questions to be considered, it’s just that the legislative decisions are never made by people who understand either the science or the ethics. And whatever the Bible-thumpers don’t wanna stop, the Animals-Are-People-Too people will.

A pox on both their houses, I want my spherical dog.